How to build genuine donor relationships that lead to increased revenue

Feb 6, 2024

Getting your audience to feel like they're part of your squad is the ultimate goal. Imagine this: You're not just reaching out for help; you're inviting them into a circle of friends who support each other. Just like would happen if you were getting to know someone, you'd explain what you do, state some points that add to your credibility and make it enjoyable for them to engage you.

How do you do this? The formula itself is actually quite simple:

Understand your audience: first off, know who you're reaching out to. If you need to better segment your database, you need to better segment your database. It's more than what job title people have. Where are they in their own personal life journey? Are you able to define your audience journey? If not, consider starting with surveys to get to better know your list. A message that resonates is founded on an understanding of who you are talking to.

Choose the right tools: find your people in the places they're likely to be. What demographic is your target? Are they likely to be on LinkedI

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